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Posted 2 years ago

And the contest winner is…

This week’s winner is Michele! Her blog is filled with tons of quotes, plenty of old movies, and lots of pretty things. She also has a ton of Disney and Pride & Prejudice. So go congratulate her, and blow up her ask box, and enjoy her pretty rad blog! 

No runner ups this week as there weren’t enough entries. New contest cap will be up tomorrow! 

Posted 2 years ago

Caption Contest Winner!

This weeks winner is

This is from Shannon! Shannon’s blog is filled with tons of Disney and an assorted mix of gorgeous nature shots and adorable animals, along with some Harry Potter and other fun things. Shannon is also a self proclaimed movie fanatic, so she has a bunch of film stuff on her blog too. Everyone go blow up her ask and leave her nice things! (: 

Note: I got a few different submissions that were variations on this caption, but Shannon’s was the first one I got, so she was the winner. 

Also, there were more entries this week than ever before, so here’s some runner ups: 

  • "The Tumbeasts are….GONE?" - Melannie
  • "Jesus Christ Merlin….I wasn’t talking about THAT sword!" - Lindsey
  • "Drinking out of cups…being a bitch"  - Tay (If you guys don’t know Drinking Out Of Cups, youtube it. Seriously SO funny.) 

Thanks for playing along this week! Hope everyone plays along again next week! 


Posted 2 years ago

Caption Contest Winner!

This week’s winner is Rob! I honestly laughed so hard the first time I saw this caption, and it remained the funniest throughout the week. Also, it’s so entirely fitting. ;) Rob’s blog is mostly dedicated to movies, “anything from Pixar to Tarantino”, but there’s also a healthy mix of Doctor Who and other “geeky” things. 

So go congratulate Rob and the next contest caption will be up tomorrow! (: 

(Also, no runner ups this week as there weren’t enough submissions)

Posted 2 years ago

Caption Contest Winner!

And the winner is….

And the winner is Abby!

Abby’s blog is a big mashup of Asians, and “sassy gif wars”. She usually has a bunch of Star Wars things, and she loves Sailor Moon. She runs another blog for Kyo, the lead singer of the Japanese band Dir En Grey. Go leave nice things in her ask! (: 

The Runners Up: 

  • "I didn’t sign up for this shit" - Stephie
  • "What the hell is that thing…?!" - Nick
  • "Bitch plz…I ain’t no pedophile" - Renee

Congrats to all the winners! I’ll have a new contest up tomorrow! 


Posted 3 years ago

And the contest winner is…


I actually don’t even know why I laughed so hard at this one. But I did. And I still laugh every single time I go back and look through the submissions. I laugh really hard. (: 

So congratulations to Dominique!

Dominique’s blog is Dinosrawr and is filled with lots of pretty pictures, Harry Potter, and tons of Disney. Her other likes include dinosaurs, love, weddings, hello kitty and things that remind her of her childhood. She also runs a role play tumblr for Kevin from Up. :D 

The Runners Up! 

  • "Mess up Jim Dear’s garden, give no fucks." - Ariel
  • "Bitch please, I am freaking pawfect" - Hayley

I got a TON of ‘Haters gonna hate’ responses, which are pretty fitting, but since I got so many of them, I can’t pick just one.

And in response to all those people wondering how many submissions I got, the grand total is 13! :D 

So go show our winner some love, check her blog, leave her nice things in her ask, all that jazz. :D 

New contest tomorrow!