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Posted 3 years ago

Hercules Review!

Oh man, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this movie…close to a year or more. I always tend to forget that I like this movie as much as I do, probably because I never watch it, but honestly it has so many great parts. 

First of all, it is funny. Like really funny, and the humor is sort of buried. It’s got really quick, witty dialogue, and a lot of the jokes are things you wouldn’t understand unless you know some back story. It’s also one of those great movies that you watch and like as a kid, and then you grow up and you realize just how funny it is, and you start to pick up on all the little things you’d missed before. 

The other great thing about this movie is the music. It’s seriously so good. And well, Go The Distance by itself is great, but in the same movie with Zero to Hero, and I Won’t Say I’m In Love? Priceless. 

So the question this week. I think we might have touched on it before, but in this movie it really sticks out. Disney very clearly changed a lot of things about this story to turn it into a movie, and personally I’m okay with that. They’ve done it numerous times in numerous ways, but this movie is probably the most distinctly different. So question is, does this bother you, or are you okay with it?

Posted 3 years ago

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Review!

Oh mannn do I love this movie. It’s so unbelievably dark and twisted for a Disney movie, and it definitely has a plot that wouldn’t fly now a days, but holy crap. It’s so good. From the songs, to the characters, to even the plot, I just love love love this movie. 

Let’s talk for a second about the songs. The Bells of Notre Dame is probably one of my all time favorite Disney songs..ever. Like, I can’t get over how epicly good it is, and I usually BLAST it in my car and pretend that I can actually hit that high note at the end. It seriously gives me chills every single time. Also, Hellfire is one heck of a song. It’s such a perfect villain song, and it’s so creepy and haunting and it’s just perfect. 

Characters wise, Frollo really is a great villain. He’s creepy as anything, and really dark and sinister, and you actually believe that he is evil. He’s such an interesting character from an ‘adult’ point of view, he’s so tormented and twisted and he actually believes down to his last second that he’s doing good.

It does still bother me a little bit that Quasimodo never gets the girl in the end, but he does get his wish, which is for his freedom from the bell tower and freedom from Frollo, and most importantly of all, acceptance by the community that was always terrified of him. 

So question time. I think we probably discussed it around the time of the Black Cauldron, which is also pretty dark, but what do you guys think of the darker Disney movies? Do you like them? Would you show them to your kids? Which do you think is darker, Hunchback or The Black Cauldron?

Posted 3 years ago

Pocahontas Reveiw!

Oh, Pocahontas. 

I love this movie. I’ve always loved this movie. It has such a great message, and is filled with such likeable characters. Sure it’s not ~entirely historically correct, but when has Disney ever been 100% accurate? Also, if you’ve ever learned the real story in school, you KNOW that it would not have been acceptable for an animated kids movie. Aha. 

I do however like the message that getting along is better than having a war, and that you can always learn something from everyone, regardless of what they are to you, a friend or an enemy. I like that Pocahontas stands up for what she believes in as well. She is a great, strong Disney female and we can’t have too many of those. I think she represents a new generation of Disney ladies. Can you picture Snow White or Cinderella standing up to their evil stepmothers in order to get something they wanted? I can’t. 

Also, I know I say this a lot, but the colors in this movie are absolutely breathtaking. I love all the blues and purples and greens of the forest. So lovely. 

And since I always ask a question, lets go with music this week. I don’t think I’ve done this one yet. This soundtrack was one of the very first cds I ever owned. I got it for my birthday one year along with my very own stereo for my bedroom. Exciting, right? Hah. I LOVED this music so so much. So I wanna hear about your Disney music loves. I know it’s really hard to ever pick just one, but if I honestly HAD to, I’d pick When You Wish Upon A Star from Pinocchio. To me, it represents everything that is Disney movies, and Disney spirit. I absolutely love it. What about you?

Posted 3 years ago

The Lion King Review!

So let me just start off by telling you all that I have massive chills. I just finished the movie and am seriously covered in goosebumps. I love that Disney can STILL to this to me, with a movie I’ve seen a dozen times or more. Guh. 

So The Lion King. How great is it? I know you all love this movie, just based on the notes on the posts this week. It’s definitely a favorite. So I know you’re all with me when I say that this is probably one of Disney’s best movies. From the music, to the animation, the colors, the characters, the voice actors for those characters, everything about this movie is exactly spot on. 

So I don’t bore you with my endless rambling about how much I love this movie, I’m going to take a quick second to mention the stage show. I was really tempted to post some of the music this week, but this blog is devoted to the animated movies, so I refrained. That being said, if you’re ever interested in checking some of it out, Fuck Yeah Disney Songs, has a ton of it up. Honestly, and I know this is going to sound blasphemous, I like the Broadway soundtrack better than the movie one. Oh, and if you ever get the chance to see the live show? Do it. Don’t think about it. Just do it. I swear to you that it’s worth it…just for the opening number. You will be blown away. :D 

Okay mini rant over, on to question time. We all know that Mufasa’s death in this movie is seriously tragic, and emotional. How many of you still cry every single time it happens? I know I do. Every. Single. Time. So the question is what do you think is the saddest scene in any disney movie? What made you cry the most? Mine is definitely Mufasa, and the scene where Ray dies in Princess and the Frog. What about you?

Posted 3 years ago

Aladdin Review!

Oh Aladdin. Let me tell you guys how much I love this movie. 

I’m actually pretty sure Aladdin might have been my first animated crush. Seriously. I thought he was so cute when I was younger, and even now…well he’s pretty darn attractive. But on to the movie. ;) 

I feel like I’m going to get repetitive throughout this whole Disney Renaissance thing because they are all the movies I grew up with, all of my favorites (besides a few) and I just will always love them no matter what because they remind me of my childhood. So sorry in advance for the number of times you hear ‘I just really love this movie’ or some variation. 

But it’s true. I really do love this movie. Everything about it. I love the characters, everyone is so lovable (except Jafar…and well I know Iago is supposed to be comic relief, but I just…don’t like him or think he’s funny. I probably did as a little kid, but now I just think he’s really annoying.), and the story is so great and relatable. The music is seriously so freaking good. I love the colors, I love the style of the movie…I mean other than Iago, I can’t really think of something I don’t like about it.

I will say this, however, this movie is really really long. Most of the Disney movies tend to be right around 70 or 80 minutes, this one is 90ish. And while they’s only a difference of 10 minutes, I felt it. I guess maybe that’s one thing I would change, perhaps cut a few things so that the story doesn’t feel like it drags so much. Now this could be because through this blog, I watch the movie spread out over an entire week, so that might make it feel like it’s dragging a bit, but I feel the same way when I watch it normally, so yeah. Maybe it’s not just me? 

Onto this week’s question. I mentioned up there that I think Aladdin was my first Disney crush, and now it’s Naveen from Princess and the Frog, and the Mad Hatter (the parks version, not so much the animated version…but he still counts. ;)). I wanna hear your guys’ Disney crushes. Who did you like as a kid? Who do you like now?

Posted 3 years ago

Beauty and the Beast Review

Oh man, these past two weeks have been crazy. Once again I want to thank you all for sticking out that hiatus halfway through this movie. It was completely unexpected, and I really appreciate that you guys stayed around. Now, on with the review! 

I’m just going to come out and say it. I love this movie. I’ve always loved this movie. I love everything about it. Everything. I love the characters, the colors, the animation, the music, the story, EVERYTHING. In fact, up until I saw The Princess and the Frog about a year ago, Belle was my favorite princess. I just really really love this movie. 

I don’t even know what else to tell you guys, or even what sort of talking points to bring up, because everything is just so wonderful. Haha. 

Uhm hmm lemme come up with a question for you all. Oh, I have one. Typically when people think of Disney, they think of the Princesses. They are basically the face of Disney, they are on  a lot of the marketing, and are almost as iconic as Mickey…even for people that don’t really know Disney. Yet, when you think about it there are 10 official princesses and that’s only 1/5th of the movies on the list. So tell me, how do you feel about princess movies? Do you like them or do you prefer the movies that aren’t princess based?

Posted 3 years ago

The Rescuers Down Under Review!

You guys, I have to be totally honest about this week….I was bored outta my mind. All week. Which is unfortunate because I was really looking forward to this movie. I think I’ve mentioned before that I distinctly remember watching this a lot when I was little, but haven’t seen it in YEARS and remembered nothing about it. 

What I did remember were just a few very short scenes/characters and nothing about the overall plot. I remembered the scene right when Bernard and Bianca find Wilbur and he’s dancing around. I also remember (vaguely) Joanna, and the lizard guy Frank. 

The Good: I loved the opening(ish) scene where Cody rescues Marahute and flies with her. The animation was gorgeous, the music was gorgeous, everything about it was magical. I liked the Joanna, she was good comic relief and a good villain sidekick. I really felt for Bernard in this movie. He keeps getting shot down over and over and pushed aside by Jake, but he triumphs in the end and I enjoyed that. 

The Bad: The plot just felt a little dull to me, I wasn’t very interested and I kept losing focus. I felt like McLeach was scary, but he lacked that extra little something that good villains should have. Jake was a cocky jerk the entire movie, and kind of annoying. 

I dunno. Overall it’s a good movie, but I wouldn’t pick it first to sit down and watch again, if that makes sense. 

Question time. As before, if the answers are too long, feel free to reblog with your answer, or send it to my ask. As long as your not anon, I’ll respond back to you with the ‘anser privately’ option, and we can chat. :D Anyway…do you guys like this movie? I could tell from the amount of notes I was getting this week, people didn’t seem too interested. There were a lot of messages in my ask about how this was a movie from childhood, and I can relate, so have any of you watched it recently? Do you agree with what I’ve said? 

Also, I wanna talk about sequels. This is the first and only sequel on our list. I know people go back and forth all the time about sequels and what they mean for the movies and the company, so I wanna hear your opinions. Do you like sequels?

Posted 3 years ago

The Little Mermaid Review!

This is one of those movies that I didn’t really like growing up, and only have begun to appreciate in the last few years or so. I don’t know what it was when I was little, maybe because it was my sister’s favorite movie and I wanted to be different, or well I’m not really sure. It’s safe to say, however, that I am simply smitten with this movie now. Ariel is gorgeous beyond words (Glen Keane is seriously a genius) and how dreamy is Eric? I love all of the side characters, and I even love (for the most part) Ursula. She gets pretty frightening towards the end, but overall she’s pretty hysterical.

The story, as some of you may or may not know is drastically changed from the original fairy tale, but I love what Disney decided to do with it. If you’re curious I’m sure you could google the original story and read it, but beware it’s pretty sad. 

I had an anon send me an ask this week about my opinions on Ariel as a role model are and I though this would be a good place to put my response. I know that Ariel gets a lot of hate for ‘changing herself for a man’ and I guess I can see why people might misconstrue that as a bad thing, but I don’t honestly think that is the underlying story here. I think Ariel was a girl in love, and presented with a chance to have what she wanted, or to chase her dream she took it. Yeah it was a kind of stupid idea on her end, but I think it fits with the Disney ideal about dreams coming true and having to fight for them. And well everything turned out okay in the end. So no, I don’t think she’s a horrible role model for girls at all. 

On to question time. Have you ever noticed how overly sexual Ursula is? She’s got HUGE boobs, which are just barely covered, she’s got a pretty big butt, and check out those red lips. I’m not saying that this is good or bad, but we talked about this in my children’s lit class before, and I was just curious as to what your guys’ opinons on her are. Also, what your opinions on Ariel as a role model (feel free to reblog if your response is too long, I read all the reblogs so I’ll see them)?

Posted 3 years ago

Oliver and Company Review!

Oh. My. Goodness. 

I’ve been especially excited about this week for a really long time. Like I mentioned before, I knew Good Company, way before hand due to a sing along songs video tape. Same with Why Should I Worry. It’s funny because I’ve loved those songs, but never got around to seeing the movie. Whatever. Anyway, I was just really really excited. 

And the movie completely lived up to my expectations. It /felt/ like a Disney move, like the ones I grew up with. It had a great story line with good characters, it was funny, had catchy songs, just everything a good Disney movie should have in my opinion. (: Also, I love cats. Aha. 

I am actually unfamiliar with the Oliver story, to be honest (omg I’m so ~uncultured) so I was expecting Fagen to be a bad guy. I was so happy when he turned out to be pretty great in the end, and oh man the part where he gives back Oliver is just too entirely precious. Guh. 

Like I said up there, I love cats, and I’m using this opportunity to show off how cute my cat is. ;) Her name is Tilly.

/shameless kitty picture.

Question time, what is your favorite Disney movie that features animals as the main character? Mine has got to be The Lion King. Always. What’s yours? Or if you can’t pick, who is your favorite animal character?

Posted 3 years ago

The Great Mouse Detective Review!

The Great Mouse Detective! What a cute movie!

I really liked all of the characters in this movie. Well not so much Ratigan, and not just because he’s the bad guy, but I’ll get to that. I liked all of the main characters, they all had their own little things that made them special, and I appreciate that. I don’t know much about Sherlock Homes, but it seemed as if it was a well done parody. I liked that they threw in the ‘Elementary my dear Dawson’ line, as that’s one of the few things I know from Sherlock Holmes. I like that Basil was sort of not that great with moments where he really knew what he was doing (does that even make sense?) I love Olivia, and omg the girl who does her voice has the cuttest accent ever, amirite? I also love Fidget. He’s adorable, despite being sort of creepy. His voice is just so great. 

Back to Ratigan. I feel like most times I like villains, either because they are actually really good villains and have that sort of ~creepy feel to them (Frollo, Maleficent etc..) or because they’re sort of comical and hot messes (Yzma, Cruella). Ratigan didn’t feel like he fell into either of those categories. But whatever. I have Fidget. (: 

For the question this week, I thought we could discuss computer animation in Disney movies. As you guys know the clock tower scene was the first major use of computer animation in a Disney movie and obviously that majorly changed the game. So how do you feel about it, with movies like Bolt and Tangled being done all by computer? I personally like that they’re trying to keep doing both. Princess and the Frog brought back that old school Disney movie feel with the hand drawn animation, but Tangled was absolutely STUNNING and would have been impossible without the use of computers. So what do you guys think?

Posted 3 years ago

The Black Cauldron Review!


Most times throughout this project when I’ve not seen a movie on the list before, I wonder why I hadn’t seen it before, as a child, or when I got older, why I hadn’t taken the initiative to track it down myself. 

This week, I know for sure why I never saw this movie as a child. I would have been scared out of my mind throughout the whole thing. It amazes me that so many people were so excited about this movie because it was such a big part of their childhoods. How did you not all have constant nightmares?!

Anyway, besides the overall horrifying-ness of The Horned King (Scariest villain ever..amirite?!), I really liked this story. It was somewhat unique for Disney, and I enjoyed that. Eilonwy is a great character, and she is adorable. She should be used more for stuff. Also Gurgi. The end. I love him. Was anyone else reminded of Gollum from Lord of the Rings at all? I don’t know if it’s just the voice, or perhaps the way he moves/acts..but something bout him reminded me of Gollum. 

I did, really like this movie quite a bit. Like I said it’s unique for Disney, and has a pretty good ending. So check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. 

Question: For those of you that have read the book, how does it compare? Is it close at all to what was in the movie? Question two: What is, in your opinion, the scariest scene from a Disney movie (did I already ask this? I hope not)?

Posted 3 years ago

The Fox and the Hound Review!

I’ve been saying this all week, but this movie was one of my favorites as a child. I remember watching it all the time, but other than a few scenes, it was as if I’d never seen the movie before. I forgot nearly all of what happened. 

I did have a moment when Dinky, Boomer, and Squeeks first showed up, because OH MY GOD I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THEM AND I LOVE SQUEEKS SO MUCH. HE’S SO CUTE!…but yeah.

On to the review. Aha. I guess maybe I had blocked out all of the totally horrible things that happen, because seriously after about the halfway point, this movie turns into NEVER ENDING TRAGEDY. Anyway, Tod and Copper as uhm…kids?…are totally entirely precious. I remember going around the house quoting the ‘I’m a hound dog! Woo-woo-wooo-woooo!” all the time. 

The end is a little disappointing to me. Everything seems to have worked out. Chief is alive, Amos and Widow Tweed are implied to be in a relationship…or well if not a relationship they are friendly with one another, Tod is with Vixey and happy. The thing that bothers me the most is that although it’s semi implied, Tod and Copper don’t seem like they’re friends anymore. Like I said, I know it’s implied, but it still bothered me. I dunno. 

Anyway, over all, I still like this movie. So if you haven’t seen it, go do that. And be prepared for lots of never ending sadness. 

Question time! Question one is….Tod or Copper? Who do you like better? Question two, is uhm…What’s the saddest scene in any of the movies on our list?

Posted 3 years ago

The Rescuers Review!

It’s weird to me that I’ve never seen The Rescuers. Growing up we had the sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, and I remember watching that a whole bunch, but never ever this one. 

Anyway, I liked this one! I don’t think it’s anywhere near one of my favorites, but it’s cute and enjoyable, and it has good characters. I really loved Bernard and Bianca, and I loved their entire relationship. I love Penny, because honestly she is so stinking adorable. That gap in her teeth? Come on, so cute! Also, I love Rufus. I grew up with a cat named Rufus, so well….how could I not? And I remember Orville from the Rescuers Down Under, but remembered nothing about him. I’m honestly really stoked to watch that one to see what I remember of it. (: 

Anyway, yes, I liked The Rescuers, the story was cute, the characters were cute, but it wasn’t one of my favorites. Also, Madame Medusa scared the crap out of me, and I’m almost 24. I can’t even imagine how I’d feel as a kid watching that. She is literally terrifying. Do you have any memories of her as a kid? I wanna hear about them. 

Question of the week, what’s the most terrifying scene in a Disney movie (keep it limited to the animated ones on our list, so that it stays relevant to the blog :D)?

Posted 3 years ago

Winnie the Pooh Review!

Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? I mean, honestly, I don’t know many people that know Pooh and don’t love him, or at least one of the characters in his gang. In fact, Tigger (who is still my favorite of Pooh’s gang) was my first Disney character obsession. I had a Tigger mug, a Tigger stamp set, and even one of those huge stuffed Tiggers that when you squeezed him, he said different things. 

Anyway, back to the movie. I love this movie so much. Every section of it is perfect, and it’s a great movie about friendship, and working together to solve problems, and just…guh. Love love love. 

I do remember having the book of the story where Rabbit gets lost in the woods, and all I remember about it was a picture of a dark forest, and all you could see were Rabbit’s eyes. Completely terrifying. I still don’t like that segment of the movie that much simply because of that. Aha. 

Anywayy. I would recommend this movie to anyone, and if you haven’t seen it, and are a Disney fan, you honestly don’t know what you are missing out on. (: 

Question time! Who is your favorite member of Pooh’s gang?

Posted 3 years ago

Robin Hood Review!

Could this movie get cuter? I know a lot of you love it, and rightfully so. Such a great classic Disney movie. 

I’m in love with all the characters, even the bad guys…no, you know what? Especially the bad guys. Prince John and Sir Hiss were probably two of my favorites throughout the whole movie. I love when Disney makes their villians lovable too (like Yzma and Kronk in The Emperor’s New Groove). 

I honestly don’t even know what else to say….other than the same things I’ve been saying. Can’t believe I’ve not seen this. If you haven’t seen it, go do so, you’re really missing out. I loved it so much! :D 

Question time. Who is your favorite villian out of the movies on our list? Mine, thus far, has got to be mine, if not Yzma has got to be Facillier from Princess and the Frog or Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Who do you like?